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Securing a safe space for ​those with learning difficulties, ​developmental disabilities, ​sensory impairments, and ​neurodivergence at community ​events.

Upcoming Events

City of Rowlett ​Juneteenth Block Party

Saturday, June 15, 2024

4100 Main Street

Rowlett, Texas

Downtown Rowlett Green

DEI Community Project ​Rowlett Chapter

Sweet Taste of Pride

Friday June 28, 2024

4100 Main Street

Rowlett, Texas

Downtown Rowlett Green

City of Rowlett

Fireworks on Main

Thursday July 4, 2024

5300 Main Street

Rowlett, Texas

Pecan Grove Park

What is a Sensory Tent?

The sensory tent is designed to combine a range of stimuli to help ​neurodivergent individuals engage their senses and provide a safe space for ​decompression from overstimulation during community events. The Sensory ​Tent includes lights, colors, textures, sounds, and sensory play objects within ​an environment that allows the individual using it to explore, decompress, ​and interact at events safely. Places of sensory help individuals with learning ​difficulties, developmental disabilities, and/or sensory impairments learn to ​interact with the world around them, while also providing a safe environment ​that builds up confidence and ability. This tent provides a judgement-free, ​non-threatening space where they can explore and decompress at their ​leisure.

From children to adults, the Sensory Tent is designed to encourage members ​of the community with learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, ​sensory impairments, and neurodivergence to participate in city events, while ​holding space and recognizing the need for accommodation. The Sensory ​Tent is another step to making the the world a more understanding and ​inclusive place.

Please note: the Sensory Tent in not a general area ​of play or a child care station. Parents are to be ​with their children at all times in the tent.

What We Provide:

Dedicated Space

We provide a privacy tent ​dedicated to users when ​oversti​mulation occurs

Emotional Support

We provide space where big ​emotions are safe for ​expression​

Transitional Reward

We provide a space for ​parents to use as a reward for ​ac​tivity transition

Community ​Engageme​nt

We provide a space for users ​to attend events while ho​lding s​pace for accomodation

Ou​r Origination Story

The Sensory Tent was originally formed by Myranda with the support of the Rowlett Diversity Equity and ​Inclusion Commission (RDEIC). As a mom of children with autism, Myranda identified an area for which ​She could provide accommodation. Incorporating personal experience and training, consulting with ​specialists in the field, and receiving support from the RDEIC, Myranda created and developed the ​Sensory Tent to be used at city events.

In October 2023, the Sensory Tent was piloted at the City of Rowlett Celebrate DiversCity. After receiving ​incredible response and feedback from the community, the City of Rowlett placed the Sensory Tent into ​their large event cadence.

In May 2024, the RDEIC was disbanded by the City of Rowlett. However, Myranda knew that her work with ​the Sensory Tent wasn’t complete. Thus, Sensory Tent Pals was formed. Since formation, Sensory Tent Pals ​continues to work with the City of Rowlett and other businesses/cities/non-profits in Rowlett and ​surroundin​g areas

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